International Program in Informatics

International Undergraduate Program in Informatics

Information for New Students Academic Year 2022/2023

7 Reasons Why You Should Study at The International Program in Informatics Universitas Islam Indonesia

1. Courses are in English. Delivered by highly qualified overseas graduates.

Our lecturers have vast experience from study and research at top universities in Australia, Austria, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Norway, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, the UK, and the US. You will experience a unique learning atmosphere based on the combination of best practices from all over the world.

2. Character development program. Prepare yourself for a global career.

Our curriculum is specifically designed to shape the next IT solution enablers with the qualities of value-based leaders, entrepreneurs, long-life learners, and benefiting others. You will also undergo an integrated character development program to emphasize those qualities in a global context.

3. International certifications in IT skills. Recognized credentials that speak for you.

Our program supports students to take IT training and international certifications in our dedicated training center: ITCentrum. You can be a certified IT professional with credentials from Cisco, Oracle, and EC-Councils. Those will be your keys for entering highly-ranked job markets.

4. Double degree program. But most importantly, double the experience and opportunities.

With our program, you can experience studying and living abroad at our partner universities: Nanjing Xiaozhuang University (China), Youngsan University (South Korea), and Taylor’s University (Malaysia). It opens up many opportunities for you to jump straight into the global IT industry.

5. Industrial visit to leading IT companies abroad. See cutting-edge innovations straight at their birthplace.

To flourish students’ innovation mindset, our program conducts industrial visits to leading IT companies abroad. You will learn how those companies make cutting-edge technological innovations directly on their home ground. 

6. Internships in foreign or multinational companies. Develop professional networks early for your career.

Our program has actively established partnerships with foreign and multinational companies, including Indonesia’s top unicorns. In the last year of your study, you can take an internship in one of those companies. Not only will you gain valuable real life experience of working in the industry, you can also start developing professional networks far early for your career.

7. Scientific publication grants. Leave your contributions for a better world. 

Within our program, you can compete for grants to present scientific papers in reputable international conferences, including our own annual International Conference in Information Technology and Digital Applications (ICITDA). Let your scientific work be widely known in the academic community for further shaping a better world. This experience will also give you a solid basis should you plan to pursue your next education.

The 2020 Curriculum

The International Program in Informatics runs the latest curriculum, namely the 2020 Curriculum. This curriculum fully implements the Freedom to Learn “Kampus Merdeka” policy in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Education and Culture (Permendikbud) Number 3 of 2020. Students can take a number of courses outside the program study, whether at UII or even at other universities, at home and abroad.

The main characteristics of the 2020 Curriculum are project-based learning, project integration between subjects, and various final tracks in the fourth year (Research, Community Service, Business Startup, Internships, and Study Abroad).

The focus of learning in the final year is more focused on these pillars: (1) learning to live together, and (2) learning to be.

For this reason, students are given the opportunity to have direct contact with the community, where they will later contribute.

In the final year, there are five tracks to choose from. These five tracks were chosen to accommodate different student preferences. The approach to these five tracks is designed to sharpen the fulfillment of learning outcomes.

icon penelitian


icon perintisan bisnis

Business Startup

icon magang


icon pengabdian masyarakat

Community Service

icon kuliah di luar negeri

Study Abroad

The Department of Informatics strives to shape information technology solution enablers who is capable to act as system analyst, information technology solution designer and developer, equipped with the qualities of values-based leader, entrepreneur, and life-long learner.

The term ‘entrepreneur’ here is interpreted widely as a person with an entrepreneurial mindset, such as being open to ideas, innovative, taking risks/facing uncertainty, and never giving up.

Diagram Informatika UII IT Solution Enabler
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UII-RMUTT student exchange has been a personally challenging experience but traveling is one of the best ways to learn. It was an experience of a lifetime.

Looking back at my time as a student who got an opportunity to get into Sakura Science Exchange Program 2019, I couldn’t be more grateful for all of the things that I’ve ever had with this experience of learning in a new culture and environment. Besides it’s a fully-funded exchange program, we were given any kind of activities, classes, and tour with our Host University, Hokkaido Information University.

Double Degree Program from Nanjing Xiaozhuang University and Universitas Islam Indonesia has brought me many new insights and more understanding of why Phophet advised us to seek knowledge even to China. The nation now is leading the economic force and IT development, making the decision to study there really worth it.

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