Department of Informatics UII once again sent students to join the Double Degree Program in collaboration with universities abroad. After previously cooperating with Youngsan University in South Korea, this year Department of Informatics UII gave the opportunity to students to take part in the Double Degree Program in collaboration with Nanjing Xiaozhuang University (NXU) in China. This activity is one of the internationalization effort done by Department of Informatics UII.

In the first time of this collaboration program with NXU, there were 4 students who were flying to China to join the Double Degree Program there. They were: Agung Ramadhan Putra, Nabhan Faisal Bariz, Rizal Hamdan Arigusti, and Sabika Amalina. Those four students are members of Class of 2016 in Department of Informatics, Bachelor Degree. The plan was that they would undergo 2 years of study at NXU China. In accordance with the Curriculum 2016 implemented in Department of Informatics UII, students are given the freedom to choose the path in the last year of their studies, one of the paths is to study abroad. The other path choices are research, community development, business startup, and internships.

Regarding the Double Degree Program at NXU China, students got subsidized scholarships from the Chinese government. The selection process usually starts in March before the academic year starts (i.e. September). Before leaving for China, on Friday 31 August 2018, the students were given advice by the Dean of the Faculty of Industrial Technology UII, Prof. Hari Purnomo. On this occasion, he advised the students to be diligent and enthusiastic about learning, because according to him, academic success was not solely due to intelligence, but more dominant was perseverance and unyielding spirit in learning. Prof. Hari also advised that students keep their identities as Muslims, not to lose their Islamic culture. While studying there, students also have the opportunity to learn Chinese, which is one of the international languages. With this opportunity, students will have wider opportunities to be able to embrace the world.

In addition to sending 4 students to take part in the Double Degree Program to NXU China, this year the Department of Informatics UII also sent 2 students to take part in the Student Exchange Program to RMUTT Thailand. They were Aufa Aulia Fadila Yusuf and Dhiya Mahdi Asriny who are students of the Department of Informatics Bachelor Degree, Class of 2015. This Student Exchange Program has been running for more than 3 years. Hopefully in the future the internationalization efforts in the Department of Informatics UII can run smoothly so that more opportunities can be utilized by students while studying here.