Last July, the Department of Informatics Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII), in collaboration with Nanjing Xiaozhuang University (NXU) China, conducted an online Summer School activity. The activity, which was attended by UII and NXU students, took the theme ‘Design Thinking For Education 2021’.

This week-long activity made problem-solving the main focus of the discussion. Participants also had the chance to take language and culture classes, company visits, and virtual city tours of ​​Yogyakarta.

How about the excitement of this event in the eyes of the participants?

One of the participants from UII, Anwaruddin Ridho Novianto, gave his impression of this event.

“I am happy and satisfied with this program because we, especially me as buddies from the regular class, can have the opportunity to meet and share experiences with NXU (Nanjing Xiaozhuang University) students even in the midst of a pandemic like this. I am able to know them further in terms of learning, collaboration, and culture, especially introducing Indonesian culture and the city of Yogyakarta to NXU students,” said Anwar.

He also expected this program to continue so that UII and NXU students could get to know each other and collaborate.

Of course, it will be very beneficial for both parties.