Informatics students joined Double Degree Program in China and Exchange Program in Thailand

Department of Informatics UII once again sent students to join the Double Degree Program in collaboration with universities abroad. After previously cooperating with Youngsan University in South Korea, this year Department of Informatics UII gave the opportunity to students to take part in the Double Degree Program in collaboration with Nanjing Xiaozhuang University (NXU) in China. This activity is one of the internationalization effort done by Department of Informatics UII.

In the first time of this collaboration program with NXU, there were 4 students who were flying to China to join the Double Degree Program there. They were: Agung Ramadhan Putra, Nabhan Faisal Bariz, Rizal Hamdan Arigusti, and Sabika Amalina. Those four students are members of Class of 2016 in Department of Informatics, Bachelor Degree. The plan was that they would undergo 2 years of study at NXU China. In accordance with the Curriculum 2016 implemented in Department of Informatics UII, students are given the freedom to choose the path in the last year of their studies, one of the paths is to study abroad. The other path choices are research, community development, business startup, and internships.

Regarding the Double Degree Program at NXU China, students got subsidized scholarships from the Chinese government. The selection process usually starts in March before the academic year starts (i.e. September). Before leaving for China, on Friday 31 August 2018, the students were given advice by the Dean of the Faculty of Industrial Technology UII, Prof. Hari Purnomo. On this occasion, he advised the students to be diligent and enthusiastic about learning, because according to him, academic success was not solely due to intelligence, but more dominant was perseverance and unyielding spirit in learning. Prof. Hari also advised that students keep their identities as Muslims, not to lose their Islamic culture. While studying there, students also have the opportunity to learn Chinese, which is one of the international languages. With this opportunity, students will have wider opportunities to be able to embrace the world.

In addition to sending 4 students to take part in the Double Degree Program to NXU China, this year the Department of Informatics UII also sent 2 students to take part in the Student Exchange Program to RMUTT Thailand. They were Aufa Aulia Fadila Yusuf and Dhiya Mahdi Asriny who are students of the Department of Informatics Bachelor Degree, Class of 2015. This Student Exchange Program has been running for more than 3 years. Hopefully in the future the internationalization efforts in the Department of Informatics UII can run smoothly so that more opportunities can be utilized by students while studying here.




UII Informatics students got a special award at IYIA

UII Informatics students got a special award at IYIA

UII Informatics students won award at the International Young Inventors Award (IYIA) again, which took place on September 19-22 2018 in Inna Grand Bali Beach Sanur, Bali, Indonesia. The team that was the only representative of UII at the IYIA 2018 consisted of Mike Rustia Putri (Informatics student, Class of 2014), Rita Nur’aeni (Informatics student, Class of 2014), and Mhd Hamzah Fansuri (Mechanical Engineering student, Class of 2014). They won Bronze Medal (Special Award).

IYIA has been held since 2013 by the Indonesian Invention and Innovation Promotion Association (INNOPA) in collaboration with the World Invention Intellectual Property Associations (WIIPA) and the International Federation of Inventors Associations (IFIA). IYIA provide opportunities for young innovators or scientists to promote and share creative ideas with each other from various sectors. IYIA was attended by 15 countries consisting of more than 300 participants.

To get this award, IYIA participants required to register and to send proposals to the committee which contain the ideas they have. After that, participants who passed the selection received an invitation. On September 19, 2018, participants took the judging at Inna Grand Bali Beach Sanur, Bali. On September 20, 2018, all participants visited the booths to share or exchange ideas with each other. On September 22, 2018, IYIA award ceremony was held.

In this event, the innovation presented by UII team was the development and innovation of the game application about character-building education which had previously won several other competitions. UII team built this game with the aim of introducing this application not only on a national scale but also internationally so that it can compete with other games which are not educational and can damage the character of children around the world. The team hope that this game can be developed more so that it can provide benefits to form excellent character for the younger generation. Besides that, hopefully Department of Informatics students will be more motivated to work and to contribute in advancing Indonesia value by applying the knowledge that has been obtained in campus. [/mk]


ICITDA 2018 was successfully held in collaboration with University of the Cordilleras

The Third International Conference on Information Technology and Digital Applications (ICITDA) in 2018, an annual conference convened by Department of Informatics, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Universitas Indonesia was successfully held in the capital city of Philippines, Manila, on Thursday-Friday (8-9 November 2018). This year, Department of Informatics collaborated with College of Information Technology and Computer Science, University of The Cordilleras Philippines.

The ICITDA conference is an International forum for exchanging of ideas, knowledge, and experience on the latest development in the field of information technology and digital applications among researchers from academia, engineers, and practitioners from industries. This conference is also expected to enable opportunities for collaboration among the participants to advance the theory and practice in the field of information technology.

ICITDA has been a hub of many people from many countries, especially from Asia. Since its inception, ICITDA has been the work of many universities. It was started two years ago, in 2016, with a collaboration work of Informatics Department, Universitas Islam Indonesia, from Indonesia and Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi, Thailand, and Youngsan University, South Korea. And in 2018, we had our colleagues from University of the Cordilleras (Baguio, Philippines) to host this conference, extending our academic collaboration with more countries involved.

ICITDA 2018 received 103 papers from 6 countries, and 52 papers were accepted in various topics, and 51 delegates will present these papers. To make sure that we have a high quality paper, we also have 27 high quality reviewers from 7 countries, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Taiwan, Netherlands, and Philippines.

This year’s conference featured two keynote speakers, Dr. Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo, Professor at Department of Information Systems and Computer Science Ateneo de Manila, Philippines and Dr. Teduh Dirgahayu, the Chair of Centre for Enterprise Information System Universitas Islam Indonesia.

Three papers have been awarded as the best paper for each track. In Application Track, Erick David A. Laurente and his collegues from Mapua University got the highest score with their paper titled “Braille3D: Using Haptic and Voice Feedback for Braille Recognition and 3D Printing for the Blind”. In Software Engineering Track, the paper titled “Bias detection in Philippine political news articles using SentiWordNet and Inverse Reinforcement Model” from University of San Carlos was excellent enough to get the best paper award. Lastly, in Hard Science Track, Lorena W. Rabago and her collegues from Asia Pacific College won the best paper with their work titled “Q-DAR: Quick Disaster Aid and Response Model Using Naive Bayes and Bag-of-Words Algorithm”. [/fy]


Informatics Expo 2018

Salah satu kegiatan yang menutup rangkaian aktivitas akademik Jurusan Teknik Informatika (TF) Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) semester ganjil 2018/2019 adalah penyelenggaraan acara Informatics Expo di Auditorium Kahar Muzakkir, Kampus Terpadu UII, Rabu (19/12).

Expo tersebut merupakan suatu ajang pameran proyek mahasiswa yang dikembangkan selama satu semester dalam lima mata kuliah yang berbeda. Masing-masing mata kuliah mata kuliah tersebut adalah Pemikiran Desain oleh mahasiswa angkatan 2018,  Pengembangan Aplikasi Berbasis Web serta Sistem Jaringan dan Komputer oleh mahasiswa angkatan 2017, dan Pengembangan Aplikasi Informatika Medis serta Pengembangan Aplikasi Bergerak oleh mahasiswa angkatan 2016.

Mahasiswa angkatan 2018 dengan mata kuliah Pemikiran Desain memamerkan purwarupa dari konsep aplikasi yang mereka kembangkan dengan berbagai macam tema yang diambil dari Sustainable Develompent Goals (SDG) rumusan PBB. Meski baru memamerkan konsep dan purwarupa, para mahasiswa yang baru pertama kali mengikuti Informatics Expo itu tampak tidak kalah antusias dari peserta-peserta lain yang sudah mengikuti acara yang sama sebanyak dua hingga tiga kali.

Sementara itu, mahasiswa angkatan 2017 membangun aplikasi berbasis website yang diimplementasikan pada jaringan yang dibuat pada proyek tersebut juga. Dan mahasiswa angkatan 2016, membuat aplikasi medis berbasis android.


Pameran ini melibatkan lebih dari 120 proyek, ratusan mahasiswa, serta menghadirkan ratusan pengunjung dari mahasiswa berbagai jurusan, dan para dosen yang tampak hadir di area pameran.

Selain pameran proyek para mahasiswa, Informatics Expo juga diisi dengan penawaran judul Tugas Akhir (TA) dari klaster Informatika Medis, dan Tech Talk dari klaster Jaringan dan Keamanan Komputer.

Pameran yang diselenggarakan sekali dalam satu tahun tersebut, kecuali dapat melatih para mahasiswa untuk dapat mempresentasikan hasil karyanya kepada konsumen, juga membuka ruang diskusi antar mahasiswa. Diharapkan, dengan acara semacam ini, pintu-pintu kreativitas dan semangat kolaborasi antar mahasiswa Informatika dapat tumbuh dan terbuka lebar.


Komoditas Baru Senilai Minyak Itu Adalah Data

Arus pertukaran informasi di dunia digital kian meningkat keramaiannya seiring dengan peningkatan aktivitas warganet di dunia maya. Pertukaran informasi tersebut juga mengakibatkan kian ramainya arus aliran data yang berasal dari berbagai layanan internet seperti penelitian, sosial media, surat elektronik, pemutaran musik, video, dan sebagainya.

Demi menjawab kebutuhan akan informasi yang akurat dari data dalam jumlah besar tersebut, Data Science hadir sebagai suatu tren baru yang dapat menyelesaikan berbagai macam persoalan yang berkaitan dengan data.

Saat ini, ungkapan ‘Data is the new oil’ yang menggambarkan betapa berharganya data serta informasi yang mungkin didapatkan darinya di era digital. Data telah membawa penelitian dan industri pada babak baru.

Dalam konteks penelitian, data banyak melahirkan topik-topik penelitian lintas disiplin. Sementara dari sisi industri, data menjadi komoditas baru yang dapat diolah menjadi kapital yang menjanjikan.

Pusat Studi Data atau Center of Data Science (CDS) adalah sebuah pusat studi baru di bawah payung Jurusan Teknik Informatika Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII). Tim CDS menyadari bahwa Data Science adalah suatu pasar baru yang bisa digeluti oleh mahasiswa Teknik Informatika. Di pasar ini, banyak topik penelitian dan berbagai macam profesi yang jenisnya akan terus berkembang.

Data Science Talk and Workshop Series yang baru pertama kali digelar di UII itu menghadirkan banyak pembicara dari kalangan akademisi dan praktisi dari dunia Industri. Dihadiri oleh banyak mahasiswa, acara ini diharapkan dapat menumbuhkan minat pada dunia data dan dapat memberikan gambaran tentang Data Science baik dari sisi penelitian maupun dari sisi industri.

Pembicara yang hadir pada workshop dengan tema Toward Academic Challenge & Industrial Demand itu adalah : Ardya Dipta Nandaviri (Senior Data Scientist Go-Jek), Sigit Prasetyo (Ketua idBigData), Ridho Rahmadi (CDS, Informatika UII), RB Fahriya Hakim (DSI, Statistika UII), Rahmi Yuan (Prosa.ai), Ahmad Fathan Hidayatullah (CDS, Informatika UII), Dhomas Hatta Fudholi (CDS, Informatika UII), dan Ayundyah Kesumawati (DSI, Statistika UII).

Acara yang digelar di Gedung Kuliah Umum (GKU) UII tersebut dihadiri lebih dari 200 orang mahasiswa dan dosen dari berbagai Universitas di Indonesia. Kecuali para akademisi, praktisi dari instansi negara seperti Badan Pusat Statistik, Badan Siber dan Sandi Negara, serta beberapa perusahaan juga turut hadir.

CDS berharap dapat menggelar acara yang serupa pada tahun 2019. Sampai saat ini, sudah ada dua universitas lain yang bersedia menjadi host acara selanjutnya.